Our Lil' Story




Lil-Me has been created to bring your Lil’-Ones the coziest feel and cutest looks while keeping your costs and patience…well Lil! As parents ourselves to 5 collective boys, “hand me downs” began to feel like the youngsters of the gang keep getting the bad end of the deal.

So, we decided to take a few Lil flights around the world, to find the best quality fabrics with the most fashionable styles to bring our Lil touch to your baby and toddlers closet.

We strive to keep quality standards high, prices as low as possible while getting your kids clothes to your hands as fast as possible before they grow out of them!

We love what we do, just like we love our kids---and that’s why we will always do our BEST to bring your kids the BEST!

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It will be our pleasure to dress your kid.

With all our passion,